V/H/S is a horror movie created by a group of young directors who wanted to change the horror genre. The movie is based around a collection of old VHS tapes. And the content of these tapes varies; each told a different story. To introduce this new experiential title we needed a concept that is innovative and experiential just like the movie. So we created screamforit.com—a website where people competed to see the movie by screaming into their computers and smart phones. The site then measured their screams and gave them points based on how loud they were. The louder they screamed, the better the chances they had. We held the gala at the loudest city and invited the loudest fans for a free screening.

The site won a Digital Gold at the Clio’s.

VHS Site1.jpg

Using a Facebook plug-in, we measured people’s screams along with others in their city. The top 10 loudest fans got a free screening of the film.

VHS Site2.jpg
Screen shot 2013-06-10 at 7.13.26 PM.png

John Hamm presented me the award.