BoJack Horseman


As part of the team that won the pitch, I sat with the show creators to help set the tone and concept launch ideas that introduced Bojack to the world. I wrote the very first tweets and was lucky enough to live and breathe in that anthropomorphic world from day one.

The idea was simply to let Bojack be himself on every social platform. And it turned out that when you let a washed-up, narcissistic movie star run his own channels it can make a Netflix show into a phenomenon. Also, the campaign won a Shorty Award.

We introduced Bojack with some cutting-edge web design at


And it made some headlines.


Bojack’s social accounts were knee-deep in pop culture. From commenting on Miley’s twerking to trying to get buddy buddy with Bill Murray.

Screen Shot 2019-05-07 at 1.35.24 PM.png

Bojack’s Twitter went from zero to 30K in less than 7 weeks and Facebook page got 100K likes and never stop growing. → Facebook Twitter Instagram Tumblr

Shorty Awards, Best in TV


A Turkish shoe brand, Ayakkabı Dunyası (Foot Locker of Turkey) sponsored my trip to New York. In exchange, I wore their shoes and shared some tweets.


Bigumigu (Adweek of Turkey) shared the story:

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