Heart Your Kidneys


Chronic kidney disease is the 9th leading cause of death in the country. Yet kidneys never get the same amount of love as our other organs—like the heart. So we created Heart Your Kidneys, an experiential campaign that encourages people to show their kidneys more love. It came to life with a documentary series called Scars & Ink, where we told real-life stories behind these commemorative tattoos. We also created hydration-monitoring tech tattoos that reminds people to drink water when their body needs it most. 

Inspired by commemorative tattoos, we flipped a metaphorical finger at the disease—reminding people that in many cases, kidney disease is preventable.

We collaborated with Tommy Helms to design a custom set of kidney-themed temporary tattoos, along with tech tattoos and smart water bottles that monitor hydration—a key factor in maintaining kidney health. The centerpiece was a vintage airstream which served as our tattoo parlor.


Hydration-monitoring tech tattoos reminds people to drink water.


Creative Director: Gio Maletti
Art Director: Kristy Heilenday
Copywriter: Mustafa Ulker
VP / Account Director: Jennifer DaSilva