Poetry of DNA

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Entering the DNA testing category late in the game, MyHeritage DNA needed a strong message to stand out from the crowd. While most brands focus on the individualistic nature of DNA results and building family trees, we wanted to show that our DNA test results don’t divide us. They unify us.

We partnered with Prince Ea—a digital influencer/activist known for his unapologetic takes on social issues who wove his DNA results into a message that challenges the idea of race itself.

The spot launched on Prince Ea's social channels and got over 1 million views in the first week. Not only were we trending on YouTube but we also sparked a positive conversation.


Executive Creative Director: Ewen Cameron
Creative Director: Svenja Timme-Bastian
Creative Director: Tom Pastore
Art Director: Kristy Heilenday
Copywriter: Mustafa Ulker
VP / Account Director: Jennifer DaSilva
Director: JJ Augustavo
Editorial House: Hooligan
Production Company: Skunk and The Lift