Google Fiber

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Faster, fairer and kinder—Google Fiber is a different kind of Internet. It's faster—1000 Mbps to be exact. Fairer—as in you don’t need a magnifying glass to read your plan. And kinder—it's working to bridge the digital divide and expand Internet access to everyone.

It's also proud to be a member of some of the most vibrant and diverse communities in America. So last year, we collaborated with local artists, community partners and art institutions to create thirteen murals in five Fiber cities. Each of these new art pieces in Austin, Kansas City, Louisville, Nashville and San Antonio aim to showcase the spirit of the cities we call home. 

Instead of creating more ad pollution in Google Fiber Cities, we celebrated communities with beautiful murals with #CreatedWithGoogleFiber

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We collaborated with the artist for the project based on their vision and community engagement. We also worked with local businesses to identify the right locations to feature each artist’s work.